Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure Part 1

I have been meaning to post these for the past two weeks. With losing John Edmund, visits from family, and getting ready for the school year I have not had a chance to down load the photos from the other camera. These are the photos from our first few days of the Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure..............We have had a blast and I recommend this to everyone. You can do this at your leisure, modify if necessary, its filled with solid faith formation, and best of all its free. Even better is the discount given to anyone who signs up for the program towards their wonderful products. I posted a few weeks back on how much I love their products. Check out that post here.

With each day we begin by watching a welcome video. Then we pray a Decca of the Rosary (these are the same ones that come from the wonderful Rosary CDs) and Sing the days song. Then we watch one or two videos, do a craft, color pages and word searches, make a snack, and play a game. Each day ends with the Angelus at noon. We did not do these in one week. Instead we took our time and did them every other day.

Day 1

Keys and Crown cookies...........Yum!

We rolled the dough and shaped it into keys and then cut the crowns free hand.

The kids loved making the Pope Hats! The girls gave theirs to brothers and their father.

Jo Jo with his hat!

Day 2

Rita Chew, Jo Jo, Shoo, and the Fizz show off their Stain glass window crafts!

Now these were loads of fun! Stain Glass window cookies!

Even the Bobster got in on the action!

With a little help from Dad of course!

Didn't they come out darling!

Days 3-5 coming soon!


Maggie ;)


  1. First I'm sorry about your lost. Second, it looks like you had a great time with the program. We did the same program and enjoyed it too.

  2. Thank You, we have been blest even through our loses.

    As for HH, I sure hope they continue on. We have really ejoyed what they put out.

  3. What a beautiful family you have! Just had to make a quick comment after perusing your blog!