Monday, July 27, 2009

My Daybook - 27 July 2009

FOR TODAY 27 July 2009...........
Outside my window... Its sunny and warm. We did have some rain but it was short and sweet. Right now I hear so many mowers going including my husbands!

I am thinking...I saw Christ today. He came out of the Doctors office thin, frail, wearing slippers and covered by a wool blanket. Although he was aided by a walker, every step took great effort. His lips dry, his face pale, his eyes sunken, yet he pressed forward......................

I am thankful for...Grandma and Grandpa....they just came last night for an overnight visit. They took the kids to the park, played out in the yard with them all day...blowing bubbles and making up obstacle courses. I did not even have to cook because they cooked hamburgs and hot dogs on the grill. What more can you ask for.........
From the kitchen...Home-made Cherry Pie! Yum! With Vanilla Ice close to heaven! ;)
I am wearing...jeans and a blue top. This time I have shoes on.....very rare for me.

I am creating...a liturgical year binder like the one I saw here. I also plan to create a home management binder after doing a bit of research.

I am going... finalize plans for the school year this next week. We used to use a K12 Virtual Academy. Although a very academically sound curriculum, It was lacking so much. What we needed was to get back to why we were doing this in the first place. The younger ones did not know the Faith the way Wordsmith did at their age. I felt a big call to get back to really living the liturgical year at home and a need for simplicity. So I dusted off the Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum that worked so well with Wordsmith and began looking at living History and using real books, reading quite a few blogs on living the liturgical year and real learning, and here we are. We can not wait to start.

I am reading...Graced and Gifted by Kimberly Hahn. Almost done!

I am check out some local yard sales this week and find some shelves. Shelves is something we never seem to have enough of.

I am children playing and jumping on the trampoline out back.

Around the house...I have been working on purging and reorganizing. We live in a home that is not necessarily small, but a bit snug for our family size. We plan to build on eventually but for now creativity is a must.

One of my favorite front porch!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

- Get ready for Wordsmith's Birthday! He'll be 17 on Saturday!
- Finish my reorganizing projects.
- Finalize school plans.
-Visit the Park and the Library.
Here is picture I am sharing...

Wordsmith, Jo Jo, Shoo, and Rita Chew sitting at Raymond Arroyo's desk at EWTN back when The World Over Live was still in Birmingham!

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