Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy Heroes Summer Adventure Part 2

Day 3 of our Adventures!
Today the goal was to "teach children to appreciate the Eucharist from many different angles."
The videos covered King David and Solomon, Confession, and the Eucharist. The children made home-made prayer books, prayer knots (Yum), and played "Protect the Priest." Its not too late to sign up.........
Learning about King David and Solomon!
Today's song was our favorite. It was about the Eucharist!

Rita Chew is helping Fizz with her prayer book. We used our own holy cards rather than the images provided.

The kids added personal touches like stickers of the Saints.

They turned out great and the kids have been bringing them everyday to morning devotions.

Now time to make the prayer knots.........

Better than play dough!

Rita Chew sprinkled hers with Cinnamon sugar, but Jo Jo requested pretzel salt.

The finished product!


Thanks Holy Heroes!


  1. We signed up for Holy Heroes too.

  2. How do you play "protect a priest?" (I'm searching for ideas for our parish VBS) Thanks.

  3. Protect the Priest
    Protest the Priest is like dodge ball so you’ll need several balls for this game. The more
    people you have, the more balls you need. Split everyone into two teams and choose one person
    on each team to be the “priest”. Make two sides and choose something to separate then.
    The point of the game is to hit people on the other team with your balls. If some gets hit
    by a ball, he has to sit down and the priest has to come and “heal” him by tagging him. Only the
    priest can heal people and he can’t heal himself so if he gets hit, no one on the team can get
    healed. So it is very important to protect the priest so you can win.