Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reclaiming Simplicity

Often I have looked around and seen a world that has become so lost.  They have become so absorbed by iPhones, mp3 players, tablets, and computers.

A world that has succumbed to the devices they have held in their hands that they have forgotten how to look up and see who or what is right in front of them............here in this present moment. 

  Their days revolve around busy to do list, schedules, and the attainment of the bucket list.........they have forgotten how to just be.................to be present here in this present moment.

Our world has become so used  to immediate gratification and instantaneous results that they have forgotten the joy of anticipation...........what longing really means.........the true meaning of desire. 

A world full of noise with a fear of silence.  How will we ever hear Him?

And this world allows everything else to do the work............a slave to the machines we create, where everything is created for us that the delight of creating and sowing with your own hands is lost.  The Joy of human work has become a thing of the past.

Yes they have forgotten...........
how to move and be moved,
how to hold and be held,
how to live in the present and be present,
how to love and be loved.

Distracted by the past, obsessed with the future, oblivious of the present.....lost to Simplicity.

And suddenly here in this present moment I look up from my hand held device, I look away from my calendar filled to the brim, slow down from my busyness, and see my family swirling in the furry of the winds of the world,.  We have become one of them.  Our lives have become so complicated......

A fervent desire of my Franciscan Heart..........
to reclaim Simplicity.

We need to move......to get up in our seats and move.

 We've spent an entire year sitting in front of the computer, assimilating information, regurgitating the desires of the state.  The slavery to the online school has eaten us alive.  The toll of teaching to the test takes on a child.............eroding his love of learning.

Where we should have been learning, we were just checking off, Where we should be experiencing, we were just existing.

 The calendar, the schedule have become our ruling force we no longer control our own time.

 The days are filled with activity but we are left empty. 
We sit close to each other but live so far apart.

 Our lives have become centered on pleasing the voices of the world instead of knowing and loving the God of the Universe. 

Yes we like the world ,  have lost our Simplicity, our sense of Poverty, the need for Humility......................so busy holding our breath we have forgotten how to breath. 
 We no longer stop in the middle of the road to get out and see the sunset. 
To inhale the gift of the present moment.
 We reclaim you Pure Holy Simplicity and reject the wisdom of the body and of the world.
We reclaim you Holy Poverty and reject the desire for riches, greed and the cares of this world.
We reclaim you Holy Humility and reject pride, the esteem of others and all that is in the world.
To re-center our lives on He who loves us with a real and true love here in this present moment

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So easy to forget how much they still need me.  So easy to focus on the world and take your eyes off the prize.  Lord help me to shut out all of the distractions.......help me to stay here.....now...focused on you   in this present moment.