Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This Summer has been a Summer of firsts.............a Summer of Transition and this transition continues into Fall. For Wordsmith its been a very busy time. As of August 1st my baby boy is a big 18. I wrote about his graduation earlier but I wanted to write about his special project. Wordsmith has been a Scout since he was 6. He was a Cub, Weeblo, Boy Scout, and even part of a Venture Crew. Scouting has always been a part of his life. We have been very lucky to be a part of the parish pack and troop and Faith has always taken a front and center in his Scouting Career. No surprise then when you find out that for his Eagle Scout project was to turn an old auxiliary sacristy into a confessional.

The neat thing is that although our troop is a parish troop we have a good number of boys from Protestant and Lutheran faiths in the troop. They like the Christ-centered focus of our troop. These boys and parents also helped on the project. One of the boys brought his family in to see the finished project and they asked my son all sorts of questions about confession. Wow what an evangelical tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow enjoy the pictures.

Rita Chew and Jo Jo on the new bench outside the confessional.

Crown molding! and a new ceiling.......................

Before the wall went up...........


The wall and the window

Top view of the wall

Sound panels the finishing touch.
The pictures certainly do not do it justice. Im proud of you Wordsmith!

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