Saturday, July 31, 2010

Graduation Day

WordSmith Graduated from high school from the largest virtual academy in the state. It is a K12 School. They have a fabulous curriculum for the earlier years, but we don't use it for the younger ones. WordSmith started with them his 7th grade year and it has been a very good experience. But I have chosen to go Charlotte Mason with the younger for many reasons. The Virtual Academy is a public school therefore it has to meet the guidelines of the state. As legislation began to cramp down, it became more about money and meeting the state standards than learning. My 4th grader became very stressed out from the work load. I will post more about our next year plans later. I will use the K12 phonics for reading (an excellent but costly program) because I still have it from my younger kids who have all learned to read using it. They are all extremely strong readers and it was very easy to use.

WordSmith with the head of the K12 elementary school Dr. Mark Thogmartin

I'm proud of you WordSmith!

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