Friday, August 13, 2010

Before and After

When I posted the pictures in my earlier post "Transition", I could not find the before and after pictures of the sacristy turned Confessional that WordSmith did for his Eagle Scout Project. All I could find were the in-between pictures, so now that I found the before and after I am posting them here.

From the inside looking out

The Hallway Outside

Looking in

The old drop ceiling

The old sink

And now the New Finished Product!

Father's area

The Window

Looking in

There were sound panels strategically placed behind the Confessors Chair and where the Penitent would sit for a face to face, and one on the wall next to the window to ensure privacy. They put in a whole new ceiling with special acoustic board to keep sound from leaking from the room. It is so much nicer than the glass enclosed rooms we had before. You had to stand and wait on the other side of the Church so you did not hear everything.

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