Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Little Flowers

We started a little flowers club. We have about 15 girls ages 5 to 11 right now. I started this because we needed an option for our girls. For our boys we have a Catholic Boy Scout troop at our parish which does a great job incorporating our faith into scouting. My oldest son will be working on his Eagle Scout this next year.

However the options for our girls is lacking in this neck of the woods. There is a girl scout troop at our parish but because of the great link between girl scouts and planned parenthood I choose to pass.

We did look at the American Heritage Girls which is a Christian response to girl scouts, but decided that we would rather hit something that was solidly Catholic. I did not want to spend the extra time to incorporate Catholicism into another program. With a little research I found the Little Flowers Girls Club and have fallen in love. It is so simple and beautiful.

We began in October. Our first meeting was merely an introduction to the program. We learned about our patrons St. Therese and The Blessed Mother. We made spoon saints of Our Lady and Saint Therese.

Our November meeting was a hit as well. This meeting was focused on the Virtue of Faith using the Sunflower. Our Saint was non other than Saint Catherine of Siena. We used a dramatization of Barbie as Saint Catherine that we found on the Little Flowers Leaders List. I have to say........I'm not a fan of Barbie, but given the right attire and hair do she makes a great Saint Catherine.

For our craft we did our spoon saint of Saint Catherine and then a lovely Sunflower growth chart.

For our next Virtue Hope we made foam heart ornaments with Ivy growing on them. What was really lovely is that all of our girls decided to give the ornaments to a friends mother who is fighting lung cancer and specifically asked that we pray for her to have an increase of the Virtue of Hope. The Saint was Saint Monica and one of the older girls did a presentation on her. We of course did our spoon saints. What was even more special about this meeting was that it was close to Saint Nicholas day so one of our moms made a very special Saint Nicholas Treat. The girls had Saint Nick cookies and Hot Cocoa. Each girl took home a special bag prepared just for their families.

My Dear Sweet Child Jesus Thank You so much for Little Flowers. I pray that one day they will present You in Heaven sweet bouquets of flagrant flowers from the Virtues they learn.

Our Lady of Angels help our girls to remember to always keep their faces towards your Son and to cling to His Most Sacred Heart.

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