Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spur of the moment field trips.........the best kind!

Top: Wordsmith, Rita Chew, Shooby, Fizzer
Bottom: JoJo, Sis, Bobster, Bubby
The other day my darling hubby called from work and told us he was taking the day off we should be ready to pack up and head to the Zoo by 10:30 am. Of course we were very happy to put our school work aside head to the Zoo with daddy on a spur of the moment field trip! You will notice two more in our pictures here lately. Just before Easter my husband's nephews children came to live with us for a while. We will just refer to them as Sis and Bubby.

Our favorite is the petting barn! Rita Chew is combing a goat.
Bobster has made a friend.
Rita Chew, Shooby, Sis, JoJo, and Fizzer get ready to visit the cats.

Poor Sis kept hearing a goat that sounded sick. He made her nervous.

"Fancy meeting you here!"

"Can I take him home?"
"Come here big boy.........that hair is a mess!"

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