Monday, August 10, 2009

My Daybook- Monday, August 10th, 2009

FOR TODAY August 10th, 2009...........
Outside my window... Muggy!!!!!!!!!! The air is thick and hot. The forecast is calling for thunderstorms this evening. Looks like our Golden Retriever Pete will be sleeping in my bed… doubt the bushes that my husband just planted will be grateful to see brother rain.
I am pondering... this quote from Mother Angelica:

“I believe if we want this world to stop going to hell, if we really want to
do something about the darkness—then you have to light the light. There is no
other way to banish darkness. You can sit in a dark room and fuss and complain
about it, but all you have to do is turn on a light. God has placed us all in a
dark room, hoping that we will have sense enough to turn the light on and not
yell and scream and panic over the darkness, because we know where the light is
– we know who the light is! And we have Him. The tragedy of this age will be if
those who have the light do not let it shine. Christians of all denominations
have literally put the light under a bushel.”

I am thankful for... Our second car! Our neighbor came over in total dismay because her Van blew up. Dear hubby is away this week at a conference and he drove the company car. Consequently his car is at his office for the week. I insisted that my neighbor let me drive her up to get his car so she can use it while he is gone. You know…….God has always kept us very humble in that we always have just enough. With each baby has come a raise in my husband’s pay or a new job opportunity with better benefits. Good people have always shared with us, and in return God always gives us small opportunities to give back. There have been times that I have been tempted to long for more simply because it would be nice to give more. I would probably be tempted to Vanity if we had more. Thank you God for Your wisdom in allowing us to share only a Widow’s mite.

From the kitchen...Johnny Marzetti with lots of peppers for dinner.

I am creating.... an itinerary of sorts. We are planning to drive down to where my darling husband is tomorrow. While he is at his conference we plan to visit local children’s museums, a wonderful metro parks system, a really great nature center, an Indian village, and a children’s garden. For the kids it is better than Disney Land. We moved from this city about 7 years ago to a place that is a much smaller community. In fact where we live now is much more like Mayberry but in the Northern Midwest. What I miss most is that it is a very Catholic City. You can find a Catholic Church on every corner. I originally came from the Panhandle of Florida where Catholics were most certainly the minority.

I am going... to be a Godmother! My brother and his wife have asked my husband and I to be Godparents to their first child. Our darling Goddaughter will be baptized on August 15th! I could not imagine a better day! My mother would be so thrilled. Mary, Our Most Heavenly Queen and Mother keep our darling Niece and Goddaughter under your protection always!

I am reading... The Cure of Ars with my children as part of our study for the Year For Priest.

I am praying... for a young Priest only ordained a few years. He is in a desolate place. He has lost his faith in the Real Presence and is considering leaving. He is on my heart constantly and I pray for him daily. My soul aches at the thought of him losing his own soul. And to think how many souls will not receive the Eucharist from him, or receive absolution …if he leaves and the evil one wins. Mary, Mother of All Priest, please keep this young man under the mantel of your protection. Help him during this time to find his way back to Your Son. Saint John Vianney please prays for him!

I am silence. All my little ones are in bed. Wordsmith is at a Catholic Youth Camp for middles schoolers working as a counselor, and of course I already mentioned that Dear Hubby is at a conference in another city.

Living the Liturgical Year... Tomorrow is the Feast of Saint Clare, whom I love dearly! It also happens to be my birthday. We plan to go to Mass in the morning before we leave. The Mass is being offered for our daughter Clare who died in April of 2008. Yesterday the kids and I read Francis and Clare.
One of my favorite things...quiet!

In Our Learning Room………. Plans are almost final. As I mentioned earlier we are already reading The Cure of Ars. I hope to post our curriculum choices next Friday when we get back.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

- Tuesday: Mass for Clare on the Feast of Saint Clare then on to where daddy is! We’ll visit several parks and attractions while waiting on daddy to be done for the day.
- Wednesday: Children’s Discovery Museum, A Colonial Farm, and the Indian Village
-Thursday: The Children’s gardens, A Children’s Farm, and a Splash Park.
- Friday: Back home in time for Adoration
-Saturday: A quiet day at home before school begins next week.

Here is picture I am sharing...

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