Monday, August 3, 2009

My Daybook - better late than never

FOR TODAY August 3rd, 2009...........

Outside my window... Our neighborhood is calm and quiet. It has been a warm sunny day here in the Midwest. My husband spent the afternoon moving some of our shrubs so he can redo a flowerbed.

My garden is finally looking like it might produce something other than deer food! Should have put up a fence! The leaf lettuce is plentiful, the peas are doing well, I finally see zucchini, and I finally have a tomato! No green bean plants anymore………….the deer enjoyed those. So glad I could help Brother Deer!

I am thinking...
about the many things I still have yet to complete around the house before school starts. The computer room needs an overhaul and purging. Since the closet is by the front door it seems to become a catch all. It is so bad that anytime I get in the closet I have to slam the door real quick to keep all of it from falling out. ;) Come to think of it, a few of my kitchen cabinets are suffering from the same problem, unorganized overstuffing!

I tackled the basement and playroom today. Since our bedrooms are so small and we have a really dry basement, we took that space and created a play area on one side, and then on the other side rest all the younger children’s dressers and hanging clothes. It is really convenient since it is right next to the washer, dryer, and long folding table. Of course it means that clothes have to be laid out every evening for the morning, but it makes putting up the wash much easier! Well this space was getting a bit cluttered, so I had to do a good cleaning and purging.

I am thankful for...My now 17 year old young man, Wordsmith! His birthday was Saturday…………………Happy Birthday Son! Last night he had 7 boys over for a gaming party! They played Settlers of Canaan, Risk, and various other board games. Then they were up till wee hours of the morning playing Wii. I hardly heard them at all. They are good boys. Two of the boys are discerning the Priesthood like my son. The other boys are either in Scouts with Wordsmith or work with him on the Youth Leadership Team.

We are really lucky to have such a great kid. After being up all night, he got up and road 6 miles on his bike to an elderly man’s home to mow his lawn. The man is from our parish and is 91 now. He gives Wordsmith a couple dollars each time he does it hardly a motivation by the World’s standards. Wordsmith mow his lawn because it is the right thing to do. He has a strong sense of responsibility towards ones neighbor. It does not occur to him to expect anything. Many a winter he has shoveled snow out of neighbors driveways anonymously while they were asleep or gone.

My husband is responsible for instilling this in him. Hubby is always off helping another…………whether it is sprinting across an arena at a National Catholic Youth Conference with the Bishop to make sure he wasn’t late for Mass, helping the neighbor across the street install a new stove, cutting tree limbs for the whole neighborhood after a major storm, assisting the gentlemen down the road with Parkinson’s with some work, bringing a homeless couple home for dinner, carrying an elderly woman in a wheelchair where her chair would not go, repairing the neighborhood kids bikes, or rescuing a couple of Franciscan Brothers he spotted looking lost in the middle of a large city. So I guess I’ll add him to my list of thankful! ;)

From the kitchen...Last night I fed the boys homemade pizza, chili, and pulled pork sandwiches. This morning it was hotcakes!

I am shoes…………are you surprised?

I am creating....
a wall timeline. I used one when Wordsmith was younger. I like having the overall visual picture. We will keep a book of Centuries as well.

I am going... to finish my plans for our Little Flowers group. We will start in September but will not focus on the first Virtue. The first meeting will be focused on ………..a subject very dear to my heart…………….Spiritual Motherhood and the Year For Priest!
Which reminds me…………

I am reading...a blog! Not just any blog, but one dedicated to Spiritual Motherhood for Catholic Priest! I was so excited to discover this blog! Sometime ago I had thought to create a blog like this, but being that I am very new to the whole blog thing I was not sure it would amount to anything. Well with Dear Hubby’s Minnesota trip, and the loss of John Edmund I never got around to it. These ladies have really done a beautiful job on this blog! Please take some time to look at it.

I am get to bed early! Too many late nights lately!

I am hearing...the two little ones splashing in the tub.

Liturgical Year...Tomorrow is the Feast of Saint John Vianney. The kids and I will be getting up to attend Mass and then we will make cards for our Priest.

One of my favorite things...fuzzy slippers, hot coffee, and a good Mother Angelica Book! Okay that was 3. ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week:
- Mass on Tuesday and Friday
- Adoration for Our Priest on Friday
- Put up the Timeline and Finalize the Little Flower Plans
- Organize the front room
-Visit the Park and the Library.

Here is picture I am sharing...

What a ride!

For more daybook entries visit Peggy!

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