Monday, July 20, 2009

My Daybook.........July 20th, 2009

For Today.......July 20th

Outside my window its dark, quiet, peaceful...............

I am thinking about God's goodness and love for me here in the present moment.

I am thankful for the many friends he has placed in my life. I have just suffered the misscarriage of my 10th child, our dear John Edmund. Since the moments of the first sign of loosing him they have been tending to my needs and the needs of my family. Chaufering my children, stoping in to make sure I am okay, bringing in meals, offering prayers, running errands, and even offering Mass for our family.

From the School Room my children have been doing the Holy Heros Summer Adventure. This at home VBS has been a real gift to us. My hats off to the family who produces these. What a unique way to evangelize. My children have loved the experience. I hope to post pictures soon.

From the kitchen I can still smell the hint of cinnomin from the cinnomin pretzles the children made for their Holy Heros Summer Adventure Snack. Yum!

I am wearing blue sweat pants and a red maternity shirt..........the more comfortable the better.
No style.........and As usual no shoes!

I am creating lesson plans for the rest of the summer. After we finish the Holy Heros, we plan to begin working on our lapbooks for the Year of the Priest. I am also begining to get ready for our first Little Flowers for the year meeting which will not focus on a particular virtue, but the Year of the Priest and Spiritual Motherhood instead.

I am going absolutly nowhere tonight. I am staying Home Sweet Home.

Our Plans for the rest of the week are:

we will burry our son on Wednesday.
Rest, Rest, Rest!
A trip to the library for the children.
Daily Mass
Adoration on Friday.............boy I need some time alone with Jesus!

Here is a picture I am sharing..........

My dear hubby took this one when he was in Minn.

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  1. I am very sorry for your loss...God Bless you and your family.