Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Communion Day

I intended on posting this in May for the family to see, but as happens in our large family we tend to have lots of activity, events, and projects going on constantly. I just did not have time to update this, so I will be posting several post today about different events I want to share. It seems that God's providence has given me a large block of time to do just this today.

At the end of April we celebrated Shooby's First Communion. The celebration was made even more special because we shared the day with three other families who are close friends of ours. Shooby was thrilled to share this very special day with her three very close friends.

We started our day in the morning allowing Shooby to open her presents from Mom and Dad. We have begun a tradition of allowing our children to pick a Soft Saint for their First Communion. An expensive gift but well worth it. Rita Chew chose the Saint Therese Doll for her First Communion. Shooby chose Jesus the Good Shepherd for hers. We did purchase the doll stands but honestly neither of the dolls have spent anytime on the stands. The girls sleep with their beloved dolls. Jo Jo has already decided that he plans to pick the Saint Micheal Doll but my favorite is Saint Francis of Assisi although I would rather see him with the stigmata rather than holding doves.

Shooby with her Jesus the Good Shepherd Doll

I like to make my children something special for their First Communion. For both Shooby and Rita Chew I make gemstone rosary bracelets and matching necklaces. I am sorry I do not have a picture but I will try to remember to post a picture in the near future. Catherine wore her necklace and bracelet but also wore relics of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Clare of Assisi, (2nd class) and Saint Maria Goretti (1st class bone fragment) pinned to her dress. My father surprised me with the Saint Maria relic when we were visiting last. Apparently it was my grandfathers. What a beautiful blessing to have this relic with us.

Before the rest of us arrived my husband took Shooby to the church to get a few pictures.

After the beautiful Mass, dear hubby snapped more pictures. Shooby is glowing with the presence of our Lord!
Shooby with her Catechism Teacher Mr. M.

Shooby with our dear friends Fr. S. and Fr. B.
Now time for the party and celebration with good friends at the reception hall we rented with three other families.

I love these cookies that family and friends made.
Got cookie!

Shootin' Hoops!

Jo Jo enjoying the yummy food!

The Bobster eyeballs the Ham!

Good old Cornhole competition

Fizzer enjoys the food

Dear Friends
Praying over our First Communicants

God is so Good!

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