Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Tide Daybook

FOR TODAY................... 11 January 2013

Outside my window...

Muddy.......Oh My.......very muddy!  We had so much snow before the Christmas Season began and now it is expected to hit 70.  Wow...just two weeks ago it was -1.   The kids are outside enjoying the break before Old Man Winter shows back up again. 

I am thinking...

About discernment and God's Will.  He never shows us the end, He only expects us to begin.  In the end it is almost always better than we imagined.  He has a way of stretching us.  Are you really where you expected He would take you? 

If you are in Heaven right now Mary Ann, remember your promise.

I am thankful...for the sleep I hope to get tonight.  My Little Lamb kept me up for hours in the middle of the night last night.  I could almost fall over right now. 

I am also thankful for the willingness of others to share what they've done.   I have been incredibly blessed by others in my homeschooling. 

In the kitchen...

Meatless Mexican Lasania!  It was very yummy....almost too yummy.  The kids did not leave much for Tony.

I am creating...Lesson plans for History.  We have been working with another family for Art, History, and Music on Fridays.  I am using these wonderful plans from Jessica at Shower of Roses as  shell.  The kids have had such a blast. 

Also a new blog........Franciscan Wonderings

I am going...
to a meeting with my dear husband tomorrow.  He has been discerning a very special call for sometime now.  This is the next step....God's Will, nothing more nothing less. 

I am praying...for the heath of a young seminarian.  He gets sick so easily.  Love this kid.  If he makes it, he will be an awsome Preist. 

I am reading...

My Sisters the Saints  I really did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I have.  So much packed into it and can appeal to so many a must read. 

I am hoping...

to find time to work on ajusting schedules for the family.  As Christmastide comes to a close my attention turns to preperations for Lent.  Once again with a theme of Simplicity and Detachement. 
Around the house...

So much clutter has accumulated in such a small time.  Time to seek order and declutter. 

I am pondering...

This wonderful passage on Saint Elizabeth's Marriage.  She is my patron you know.

A favorite quote for today...

“On Good Friday in 1228, having placed her hands on the altar in the chapel of her city, Eisenach, to which she had welcomed the Friars Minor, in the presence of several friars and relatives Elizabeth renounced her own will and all the vanities of the world. She also wanted to resign all her possessions, but I dissuaded her out of love for the poor. Shortly afterwards she built a hospital, gathered the sick and invalids and served at her own table the most wretched and deprived. When I reprimanded her for these things, Elizabeth answered that she received from the poor special grace and humility.” ~~Fra Conrad of Marburg  speaking of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

A picture to share...

Pax et Bonum,
Maggie , ofs
Sister Clare Elizabeth

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  1. I loved this... "He never shows us the end, He only expects us to begin." So true! Thank you for sharing your SWD! Simply God's Girl

  2. I'm glad the history plans have been helpful!

    You made the Baby Jesus for the swap, right? So sweet! It was a favorite in our home :)