Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Longer the Wordsmith

(saying goodbye to an old friend)

His real name is Anthony. He tells me that since he is now 18 I should list him on my blog by his real name.........not wordsmith. I have always told him that Saint Anthony picked his name. Its true. When he was born on August 1st, 1992 we had been expecting a girl. Not because we wanted a girl. We were happy with either, but because those military doctors were so insistent we could paint the nursery pink. We he was born, my husband Eric asked me what we should call him. I had not even entertained boy names because the doctors were so sure. Out of the blue I told him Anthony. He was shocked because no one we knew was named Anthony (my husband had not been baptized at this time and I was a fallen away Catholic). He thought maybe it should be Eric Jr., but I really felt Anthony fit the boy. :) I finally told him to put what he thought was best on the birth certificate and let me know what he chose.
His name is Anthony Vonley W.

For 8 years he was it and I cherished every minute of it. To daddy he was "his Little Buddy". For me he was Pookie! Because Francis died in the womb and we did not get pregnant again, we really thought he was the only child we would ever have. But God had other plans. I told you I was a fallen away Catholic..........actually I was an atheist and Eric was agnostic...........but Tony believed in God from the very beginning. He prayed all the time for brothers and sisters. They seemed to have a son and the God I did not believe in. Tony would tell me what he said and I would smile and pat him on the head. I figured it was just my mom putting things in his head...........I let it go. The only reason he had been baptized was because she had insisted. I figured he would grow out of the religion phase............... talking to God and all. He never did. My husband and I grew into it. :)
Yes, Lord you do have a sense of humor.

He now attends school here and I miss him.

His dorm is actually here.

So he can discern this....................

Please pray for him.


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  1. Hee hee hee. He must be a great guy! You are lucky to have such a wonderful boy... or should I say man?