Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Plans for Lent

Some Plans for Lent and Easter coming up

Lenten Calendar (Idea comes from Jessica )

Jessica’s Family offers a different intention for each day of the week such as:

Monday - For an End to Abortion

Tuesday – For our Family and God Parents/Children

Wednesday – For Our Holy Father and his Intentions

Thursday – For the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration and the Children of Mary

Friday – For the Vocations of Our Priest & and Seminarians

Saturday - For our Deceased Relatives
Sunday - In Thanksgiving for God's Blessings

But this year being the Year For Priest, I felt it more appropriate to offer each day of the week for a different Priest and then the weekend will be for the Bishop and Pope.

Monday – Fr. Bob

Tuesday – Fr. Subler

Wednesday – Fr. Brunning (my Godfather)

Thursday – Fr. Tolin

Friday - Fr. Streitenberger

Saturday – Our Bishop

Sunday – His Holiness Pope Bennedict XVI

Spiritual Motherhood for Priest is something I whole heartidly believe in and have practiced for years. So this year has had a special meaning for me. If by now you have not read this document…………………..You Should!

This Years Lenten Resolutions for our family are:



· No meat on Fridays

· Fast from all electronic games (total limit 30 min per week)

· No Television or Movies unless EWTN or Religious Videos (Sunday’s excluded)


· Flower Crown of Thorns - Add a dime for each good deed done to the Jesus Jar to be spilt and given to EWTN, Poor Clares, and Children of Mary on Good Friday

· 40 bags in 40 days (We will record the number of bags on our calander)

· Wednesday Soup Suppers at the Parish – donate money saved to the poor

Feb 16th Shrove Tuesday

- Pancakes

- Change Family Altar in the evening to reflect Lent for the next day

Ash Wednesday

1. Each family member writes down Lenten offering and places it in an envelope next to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

2. Mass 530 pm

Spiritual Nourishment:

For Children

Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure

Lenten Bible Study - Jesus Tree

For Me

In Conversation With God: Lent and Eastertide

Little Flowers of Saint Francis/The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi

Writings of Saint Francis and Clair

Our Holy Week Plans will consist of:

-Palm Sunday 28 March - Make 8 our Pascal Candle

Holy Thursday:

  • Make Hot Cross Buns for Friday.
  • Make Thank You Card to give to Father Tonight (Discuss the institution of the Priesthood) *** Make Father Streitenberger early so we can mail it.
  • For dinner ~ Pot Luck at Church
  • 7 pm ~ Mass of the Lord's Supper.

Good Friday:

Holy Saturday:

  • Decorate Easter eggs.
  • Make Resurrection Cookies.
  • Prepare Easter baskets for Priest
  • Prepare food for tomorrow.
  • Prepare clothing for tomorrow.
  • Easter Vigil Prayers at Home.
  • Assemble Easter baskets

Easter Sunday:

  • Early Mass.
  • Light Pascal Candle.
  • Read Bible Story for today and place symbol on Jesus Tree.
  • Easter Baskets for kids.
  • Brunch at home..

My personal resolutions are:


- Daily Mass/ Pray the Litany of Humility on Fridays/ Pray the Franciscan Crown for help in discernment.


- from splenda in my coffee and blogging (includes reading blogs which I do a lot of)

Give Alms

- give money saved from splenda in my coffee each week to Food for Poor

This is my last post until after Easter (unless I can get a daybook in before bedtime). I will be sure to post lots of pictures, I pray you all have a blest Lent.

God Bless,


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