Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Daybook - Autumn Camping

FOR TODAY October 19th, 2009...........

Outside my window...
It’s Fall! Much colder than it usually is this time of year; however we seem to be having the most glorious fall here in the Midwest than we have in a long time. The colors seem to dance in the sun. These past years the colors have been rusty, but this year we have bright yellows, brilliant oranges, and radiant reds. It is most certainly a time for paint brushes and oil pastels! But oh how the Fall leaves really aggravate my allergies………..can’t win em’ all!

I am pondering...
A picture of myself I just saw. These past two years have been rough, and when I saw this picture I realized just how rough. It is time I begin to take better care of myself. Time to get back on weight watchers and to get out to exercise.

I am thankful for...
Our wonderful friends! This weekend we were able to go camping with 3 other families. (Actually I cheated a bit……….Fizz has been fighting a bad cold, so I came home at night with her. That way she could sleep in a warm bed, and we could still enjoy the great fun during the day!) We had a great time. It was a beautiful weekend. Cold but invigorating! I was thinking that we have not spent much time enjoying God’s creation in the past two years. I am glad I switched from the Virtual Academy to a more relaxed Catholic Charlotte Mason type schooling. Simplicity……………………………….

From the kitchen...
Shamefully not much. Tonight’s dinner consisted of Macaroni and cheese with hotdogs. Pitiful yes I know. It was grocery shopping day. Tomorrow brings Shepherd’s Pie, an easy dinner just before Rita Chew’s soccer game. Its tournament week so meals will be simple and easy.

I am creating....

A new learning space. It all started with a new bed and before I knew it the whole house was turned upside down. We moved the learning room to the basement, our bedroom into the smallest room, the girls in the largest, the boys got the girls old room, and the wordsmith managed to get a new bed out of the deal. I would have taken before and after pictures but I was in task mode. Didn’t think about it, and with the forced bathroom remodel, broken washer, garbage disposal on the brink, …………………………talk about a full plate.

I am reading...
Christ is Passing By Homilies by Josemaria Escriva. My father got me this book as a birthday gift. It is very rich and a great tool for meditation.

I have also been reading Jessica’s experiences with Along the Alphabet Path over at Shower of Roses. I really think that this is what we need to do for Fizz and Bob next year. I may not even wait that long…….we’ll see.

I am praying... for a friend who has M.S. and has been diagnosed with the flu. For a friend whose daughter has been seriously ill for almost 4 months now. For the Vocations of all the Priest in our diocese but most especially for…………..our Pastor and Friend who is about to travel down to the Shrine of The Blessed Sacrament for some rest and relaxation, in thanksgiving for my Spiritual Director and for his continued growth in holiness “Peace and Good”, for our former associate who is now a Military Priest over in Afghanistan, for my Godfather a Priest up North, for my new Goddaughter, for my darling husband and children, and for all of our friends and family.

I am hearing...

the television. Dear Hubby and Wordsmith are watching Haunted Mansion.
Living the Liturgical Year...
Need to make some plans for All Saints Day. Wow I am behind! It is also Bobster’s 3rd birthday!
One of my favorite things...
Autumn leaves! They are so beautiful this year. Unfortunately with them comes a surge of asthma difficulties for myself. Thank you God for allergies I can offer for those I love.

In Our Learning Room……….

Working on incorporating more real learning into our day. I have become so impressed with Charlotte Mason method. So much potential……….Last year Rita Chew had her love for learning sucked out of her with all the rigorous work required by the Virtual Academy. Since we have gone to a more relaxed rhythm with lots of living literature and living the liturgical year like we used to school has become more pleasant.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
- Tuesday: Science class at the Nature Center, Rita Chew has a Soccer game in the evening
- Wednesday: Mass
-Thursday: Rita Chew’s Soccer Tournament Continues, Wordsmith goes to a live-in at the Seminary
- Friday: Mass and Adoration
-Saturday: Last day for Soccer, Trip to the Fire Station with the Tiger Cubs, Pick up Wordsmith at the Seminary and go to Lunch!
Sunday: Rest J

Here is picture I am sharing...

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