Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We've got Pumpkins!

For the past three years my garden has barely produced. It’s quite discouraging really. I grew up on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and was transplanted to the Midwest when our number one son was 6 years old. Now the funny thing is we are living within 20 miles of where I was born. My dad was stationed here with the US Air Force in the Midwest when I was born. We were not here very long before my father was stationed overseas in Ishmere, Turkey of all places. (That could be a whole other post.)

From there we moved to Florida and managed to remain there for 12 years until my father retired. Anyhow long story short………………………I’m not a farmer or gardener. Corn does not grow in sand. Now first couple years we were here I grew some tomatoes and zucchini which did very well. Now that I’ve branched out even the tomatoes won’t produce. And brother deer has a warm spot in his heart for me this past summer because I fed him well. I’m stubborn……….I’ll try again next year. At least this year we got a pumpkin!

We discovered this little fellow hanging out by the carrots!

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